Starting from now

January 1, 2011

It’s the beginning of a new year, so I suppose that I should think about some resolutions and use my blog as a way to keep myself on the straight and narrow, right?  OK, here’s my list – my ‘Project 2011’:

  • Do something active every day.  I haven’t done any exercise (anything at all) since I had to stop running at the end of July – it’s starting to take its toll.  But help will soon be at hand: we’ve ordered this piece of home exercise equipment and I plan to spend some quality time with it first thing every morning.  It should be with us from the middle of January.  I tend to have a fairly good track record when it comes to sticking to exercise resolutions, so I reckon that I’ll be able to get myself out of bed and down to the conservatory for a quick workout each morning.  And until it arrives, I’m going to make sure that I fit in a decent walk each day.
  • Cook more interesting food, more often.  I have a fine collection of cook books, most of which are rarely opened.  I think that making one new dish each week should be an achievable goal.
  • Stay in touch with people – and I don’t mean ‘write a quick email or send them a note via Facebook’.  I want to make sure that I make more of an effort to call and write to my family and friends.
  • Stop wasting money – buy fewer things and, when I do buy something, make sure that I really like it and want it.  This is a bit of a relaunch of the austerity project.
  • Stop worrying about stuff that I can’t control and remain optimistic.  I have finally learned that life is too short to spend it being stressed out and miserable!

Five resolutions should be enough to keep me occupied, I think.