Hey, good fetcher

September 2, 2010

Everybody makes up their own silly lyrics to well-known songs, right?  I only ask because I was gaily singing in the shower this morning while Tristan was getting ready, and it struck me that this must be a scene that is played out in households around the world on a regular basis.

With us, Tristan often comes up with the concept and sings the first line of his version of a song, and then I flesh it out (blessed as I am with a frighteningly good memory for lyrics and tunes).  Having a dog has inspired a few songs (and I imagine that having kids would do so as well): today’s performance was set to the tune of ‘Big Spender‘ and goes a little something like this…

The minute she jumped out the car (woof, woof!) / I could see she was a dog of distinction: a real good fetcher / Black, furry, so refined / Wouldn’t you like to know what’s going on in her mind? / But let me get right to the point (woof, woof!) / I don’t throw a ball for every dog I see… / Hey, good fetcher! (hey, good fetcher!) / Feeeeettttttccccchhhh a tennis ball for me

Choreography note: I suggest a theatrical bum wiggle whenever you sing ‘woof, woof’ – it adds a certain something to the overall performance and is sure to delight your audience.

(That bum wiggle is to signify a dog wagging its tail as it barks and is not intended to be sexual in connotation.  It’s a song about a dog fetching a tennis ball, after all.  Even when performed while buck naked and in the shower, I can assure you that this is not the kind of performance with which to woo a lover.)