Illiterate town

March 3, 2011

Last Sunday I had cause to visit a local supermarket and then stroll home via the main shopping streets in our town.  And blimey, it was a wholesale assault on literacy…

Do you want anything slicing?

How do signs like that get painted without anybody noticing a problem?  Or signs like this?

How do people run businesses when they don’t know the difference between ‘bought’ and ‘brought’?

And what the hell is this all about?

‘Wanted – dog’s’… what?

Tristan’s just renamed our fellow townspeople ‘the illiterati’.  Heh!


Illiteracy: 22 September

September 22, 2010

A depressing sight in Islington this evening: a restaurant with an inexplicably mis-spelt name and an inability to use apostrophes correctly in its promotional signs.