The Happiness Project

I’ve been aware of the book (and blog) The Happiness Project for ages, and I’ve finally got around to buying the book.  I am blessed with time to read at the moment, after all!  So far I’m four chapters in, which equates to three months of Gretchen Rubin’s year-long experiment, and I’m absolutely loving it.  It helps that Rubin is a really good writer: her use of language is great and she’s so honest that it makes me feel far more inclined to reflect upon my own negative habits and how I might address them.

If you haven’t heard of The Happiness Project, start by checking out the blog.  It offers bite-sized ways to make life happier.  What could be better than that?

And on a happy note, I wanted to give you a recap of my achievements since yesterday, when I wrote:

Today’s plan: view the house at midday; drop Tristan off at his work; be brave and drive around until I find my way back to the shops at Takapuna; buy a sat nav; get a new SIM card and reactivate my iPhone.

We viewed the house and really liked it: it’s quite small (and quite expensive), but it’s nice and in a good area, and I think that it will suit us well until we’re ready to buy a house of our own.  We’ve submitted our rental application form and are just waiting for the landlord to confirm everything.

I did drop Tristan off at work yesterday, but the weather was filthy (so far, it rains A LOT in Auckland), so I didn’t explore.  However, I’ve got the car to myself today and tomorrow because Tristan’s in Christchurch for meetings, so I drove to Takapuna and back this morning, and I didn’t get lost or have any motor disasters.  I really don’t understand why I’m a fairly nervous driver: I’ve been driving for six years and have never had a moment of drama.  It’s stupid to be worried.  I should just drive more.  And I did buy a sat nav today, so I will be able to explore with no hassles.  Hurrah!

And I spent half an hour in the Telecom shop and have got a new SIM card and account for my phone, so I will unlock my iPhone later today and get it all organised.  And that will make me happier.


2 Responses to The Happiness Project

  1. Yes! It’s such a fantastic read!

  2. Franziska says:

    Great book. I also subscribe to her newsletter.

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