Royal wedding madness

I haven’t posted any examples of royal wedding madness for a while, primarily because there have been hundreds and hundreds of example to choose from, so I figured that you were probably seeing them yourselves.  I must say, though, that I’ve been astonished by the degree to which the New Zealand media is obsessed with this wedding.  It would seem that the Commonwealth ties are as strong as ever.  Even our Prime Minister is at it, going to the event himself and buying wedding memorabilia.

I will definitely watch the wedding tonight.  I have such vivid memories of watching Charles and Diana getting hitched when I was six – like the Royals or not, these events are milestones.  However, I have one issue: Tristan’s getting back from Christchurch this evening and I have to collect him from the airport, a couple of hours before the ceremony starts.  Please join me in hoping that there is no hideous mid-evening motorway traffic, eating into my watching time!


2 Responses to Royal wedding madness

  1. Nicola says:

    This probably makes me the Grinch or something, but I really can’t stand all the wedding hype! I’ve tried and tried to understand why everyone gets so clucky over the royal family but I just can’t…

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