It’s my final week at work and I’m up at 4.55am and am just about to log in to my work computer system from home for a heady 30 minutes, to write a presentation that I need to deliver to a horde of fresh-faced young trainees at lunch time today.  I’m going to get to the office before 7am, work for a couple of hours, head to our partner secondary school for a 9am meeting about a massive project that will, I hope, not grind to a halt as soon as I have left the country, then write handover notes all morning, then deliver the trainee presentation, then have lunch with my friend Caro, then write handover notes all afternoon, then have a 5.30pm meeting about a big piece of pro bono for one of our main charity partners.

I should get home by 7.30pm and will need to head to the house of the president of my parish’s St Vincent de Paul group, to give him the paperwork related to me being treasurer and to get him to sign the the quarterly financial return.  And then I’ll need to finish packing my suitcase and making sure that I haven’t inadvertently forgotten anything, as the movers are coming on Thursday morning and anything that isn’t in my case will be stuck in a container for three months.

  • Blood pressure levels: high.
  • Tiredness level: extreme.
  • Chances of getting to Friday afternoon without totally losing the plot: low.
  • Relief that I’ll be on a plane on Friday night: significant.

Now, where the hell did I put the two free Air NZ lounge passes, people?  I know that I put them somewhere really safe and sensible…

4 Responses to Stress

  1. Jackie D says:

    I can only imagine what you’re feeling! Probably the last thing you want is advice, but I’ll just say that when I’m faced with similar (but not nearly as stressful!) situations, I have a couple of mantras that help: “First things first” and “When you’re in a hurry, take your time.” The former reminds me that things need to be done in order, and I should focus on what’s in front of me at that time; the latter helps me to avoid doing things like spilling milk all over the floor because I’m feeling so harried that I’m rushing around. You’ll get through it, Jacq, and with great grace!

  2. Ana says:

    Argh, my head is spinning just reading about your day!
    You’ll get through it (organising machine that you are) and just keep in mind that whatever happens in-between, you will be sitting on a plane on Friday, ready to begin this new chapter of your life.
    Now, deep breath… xx

  3. Victoria says:

    I don’t mean to add to your stress, but any sign of the eternity ring?

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