Exile no longer

OK, I can finally – at long last – explain why I’ve hardly had anything to say for the past three months.

The bad news is that I’m going to have to rename my blog.

The good news is that I’m moving back to New Zealand.  Tristan has accepted an amazing job out there (a job that came up out of the blue, when he ran into somebody he knew from NZ while in London for a meeting), I’ve resigned from the firm, we’ve sold the house and we’re moving from England on Friday, 8 April.

There is a vast amount to say, of course, but I’m in a rush right now because Pat, my lovely mother-in-law, is visiting and we’re heading into London to take her for a birthday afternoon tea at Brown’s Hotel.  So I shall update again soon with further details!

14 Responses to Exile no longer

  1. S@sha says:

    !!! That’s super exciting! I’m sure you are both really happy and somewhat sad (to be leaving England). Congratulations. Can’t wait to hear more details. Seeing as how I’ve sort of relocated on short notice myself recently, I can totally understand why you’ve been stressed out lately. I was just about to make a pot of tea myself, and I’ll raise a cup to you and your journey home.

  2. Ana says:

    Such exciting times for you both! I’m assuming the blog will continue (hope so!)but under what guise?
    Really looking forward to seeing you on your way with a few drinks. xx

  3. Freddo says:

    I just feel soooo betrayed!

    • exilednzer says:

      I know! It’s like the world has tipped on its axis, right?

      • Freddo says:

        You do know they have sharks there? And earthquakes? And a gap in the High Street where there, er, isn’t a Gap in the High Street?
        Still, I wish you the very best. And if, for any reason, it doesn’t work out, well, don’t forget, we’ll keep the light on for yah!

  4. Franziska says:

    Shame on you moving back to New Zealand!!!! 😉

    Great news, I hope it all goes well for you three (you are taking Tui with you, right?) and I can’t wait to see posts from your life in New Zealand.

    • exilednzer says:

      Tui is definitely coming too! And I suspect that life in NZ will provide me with rich pickings for future posts – I havne’t lived there for so long that I think I’m going to be a stranger in a strange land!

  5. Jackie D says:

    SO thrilled for you! I know you’ve wanted this for SO long! God is good.

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