Eternity ring

I woke up in an excellent mood today and skipped merrily to work.  And when I got there I bought my breakfast porridge and sat at my desk to read emails and catch up with the latest exploits of my friends and family on Facebook.  As is often my custom, I took off my rings and applied some hand cream. 

After a couple of minutes, when the cream had sunk in a bit, I went to put my rings back on … and discovered that my lovely, lovely eternity ring had vanished into thin air.  Long-term readers will recall that this is the same eternity ring that Tristan bought me in Cape Town two years ago, as a tenth wedding anniversary present.  Here it is in all its glory, on top of Table Mountain:

I spent most of the day ransacking my office.  I hadn’t moved from my chair before the ring vanished and nobody had been in my office.  I hadn’t picked up any files.  Despite this, I turned my entire office upside-down, crawled under my desk and looked at its inner workings, investigated every dusty corner of the carpet, had a bit of a cry, rang Tristan, rang my friend Chiara from a couple of offices down and got her to join me, went through my entire desk again, took everything off my desk, shook everything, patted myself down, checked my coat pockets, checked my bag, got to that mental stage where you start checking places where there is no way that a ring could hide, re-checking places that you’ve already checked several times… you get the general idea.

My ring has vanished and I am so sad.  I thought that I might have forgotten to put it on this morning (for the first time in two years), but it isn’t at home either.  I’ve posted a message about it on the firm’s online public noticeboard, but nobody has found it.  I’ve left a note for our cleaners.  I have no idea what’s happened to it.

Anyway, I’m just feeling sick when I think of it.  I am really careful with my things and I don’t often lose stuff – and I’ve certainly never lost something so lovely, so precious to me and so valuable.  It’s just terrible.

8 Responses to Eternity ring

  1. Jackie D says:

    UGH. You must feel absolutely sick to your stomach. I’m soooo sorry, Jacq. 😦

  2. Ana says:

    Oh that’s heartbreaking! You never know it may just turn up in the next few days. I’ll keep everything crossed. x

  3. S@sha says:

    Oh, that’s awful. I’m sending good thoughts from here that you walk into your office tomorrow and find it right on your desk. Did you try dropping something of similar size and shape to see where it rolled?

  4. Pauline says:

    Have you tried St Anthony?

  5. Victoria says:

    Oh no! You poor thing, that’s awful. I’m praying to St Anthony right now. I think the idea of dropping something similar and seeing where it lands is a good one. Where do you put your rings at night? Strip the sheets on your bed and check all around there as well. Love you xxx

  6. Jacq says:

    Update, guys: still no sign of my ring. It MUST be somewhere in my office, but even the efforts of a Facilities guy who virtually dismantled my desk failed to find it. The next step will involve clearing out my entire office and, perhaps, calling into service a colleague with a metal detector.

    And yes, I’ve prayed to St Anthony!

  7. Pauline says:

    On a mercenary note, I hope it was insured. But I hope you find it. Go and see a hypnotist to check whether you did have it on that morning. A long shot I agree, but might be worth a try. In the meantime, keep praying.

  8. Freddo says:

    This is an even longer shot: are there any dowsers in the office?

    It doesn’t just work for water.

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