My job offers a variety of good benefits, one of which is a full health check every two years.  Three weeks ago I had my check-up.  It was all very run-of-the-mill until the doctor did a check for breast lumps and found one in my right breast.  I actually started laughing when she told me – there’s been a lot going on recently, so something like this just seemed like a bit of a cosmic joke.  And when I thought about it later, I realised that I’d felt that lump for months and hadn’t even thought about getting it checked.  It makes me sound like a complete lunatic, but it simply hadn’t occurred to me that I was feeling a lump in my breast.

Thank goodness for private medical insurance (another perk of my job).  I had an ultrasound within a week (a fairly tense few days passed before that appointment, obviously), and although this didn’t show anything other than normal breast tissue, the consultant decided that I should also have a biopsy, given the obvious nature of the lump.  So I was back at the clinic within another ten days, and on Tuesday of this past week I had more ultrasound, mammograms and the biopsy itself.  And I’m very pleased to report that it looks as though everything is absolutely fine – no cancer and no pre-cancerous cells.  I will see the consultant again next Tuesday for the final all-clear. 

Anyway, it goes without saying that everybody else should learn from my idiotic example and get lumps checked out, pronto.

2 Responses to Lump

  1. Catriona says:

    You NITWIT!!

    Glad it’s worked out fine for you xxx

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