Kate’s style

You might recall that the Telegraph had a lot to say about Kate Middleton’s style a while ago – apparently, it was all a bit too average and she needed to hire a stylist.

You might also recall that crazy Liz Jones, one of the Daily Mail’s more unbalanced columnists (and that’s saying something: they’re all fairly deranged) had written an article in which she both criticised Kate’s style and told Kate that she needed to have the confidence to develop her own style.  That’s Liz: always helpful and constructive.

Liz has been at it again.  She can’t help herself: she has to wade on in and critique Kate’s outfits.  She went out for lunch and Liz wove an entire article about her clothing choices.  For a random lunch.  Not a fancy occasion – just a meal.  Seriously, wouldn’t this kind of scrutiny drive you insane?

But don’t worry – Liz isn’t trying to be unhelpful.  She’s gone on , a day later, to show Kate what she should have worn.  I’m sure that Kate cut out the article and has sellotaped it to her wardrobe door, for next time.

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