Kate’s teeth

Brace yourself for this, kids: I’ve uncovered some scandalous Royal news…

Kate Middleton visited an orthodontist before the engagement announcement, to ensure that her teeth were as sparkly and white as possible.

It was reported at the time that the wedding was announced that Kate Middleton, 28, had ­visited the ­consulting rooms of French-born orthodontist Dr Didier Fillion on London’s Wimpole Street for a teeth-whitening makeover.

In fact, I [Richard Kay, the hard-hitting journalist who has broken this story] understand, the future Princess Catherine underwent a revolutionary dental treatment to ensure her teeth were perfect ahead of those engagement photographs.

If this wasn’t newsworthy enough, check out her past form when it comes to dental issues:

Kate had dental work as a child, and it is known that she wore a ­conventional brace at the age of 12. Noticeably, however, a gap between her two front teeth remained — until recently.

My world is ROCKED.

2 Responses to Kate’s teeth

  1. Nicola Wood says:

    Omg, you mean she wasn’t born with perfectly straight white teeth?!? Her pedigree clearly isn’t pure enough. We can’t have commoners like this marrying in to royalty, pah!

    Utterly scandalous.

  2. Victoria says:

    How ridiculous. Poor girl should run for the hills now if she’s not even royal yet and they’re already criticising every single thing about her. Who wouldn’t have their teeth whitened before their photo was shown around the world? The surprising thing is that she didn’t have it done sooner.

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