Feeling rough

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather recently, with frequent headaches and a general sense of being almost about to come down with something, so I took it easy this weekend.  On Saturday I ran a few gentle errands and then I started this outstandingly old-school jigsaw, bought for 50p from a charity shop:

In the evening we went to The Fox for a very nice dinner and after a few drinks we came home and finished the jigsaw.  Tristan, after being scornful of jigsaws initially, became quite committed to the project and was particularly proud of the part he played in building the entire sky.

Today I’ve spent most of the day on the sofa, with my personal companion close at hand:

She spent a lot of the afternoon sleeping on the job.

You just can’t get the staff.

4 Responses to Feeling rough

  1. S@sha says:

    That’s dog nursing for you. I find it pretty comforting personally. Speaking of dogs, we found a little scrawny puppy cowering in our driveway this afternoon and finally got it into a kennel and fed and watered and sleeping in my mom’s studio until we can take him to the Humane Society tomorrow. Poor little guy.

    • exilednzer says:

      Oh, shame! I hope that he’s OK.

      Yes, Tui loves nothing better than when circumstances cause me to lie around, because it’s her all-time favourite thing to drape herself all over me and go to sleep. Tristan doesn’t tend to stay still for very long, so he fidgets and disturbs her.

  2. Franziska says:

    She is so cute. She looks so young in these pictures (if that makes any sense?).

    • exilednzer says:

      No, you’re not the only one to think that – people often think that she’s far younger than she actually is. Perhaps she’s secretly using dog anti-aging products!

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