Sending cards

These days I just don’t seem to be able to get my act together and send Christmas cards.  I think it’s because the weeks before Christmas are always so busy at work, which means that the last posting dates – particularly for overseas cards – always arrive before I’ve had a chance to get anything organised.  I don’t think I’ve sent Christmas cards to anybody for at least two years.

Anyway, I realised this year that, while the weeks before Christmas are hectic, the week between Christmas and New Year is peaceful and relaxed, making it the perfect time to get in touch with friends.  So as of this year I’ve started a new tradition: I’m sending Happy New Year cards instead of Christmas cards.  And – brace yourself for this – I’m making the cards myself (I don’t actually have much choice in this, given that you can’t actually buy pre-made cards).  I dealt with the first stage of my card production today:

I bought everything I needed – plain cards, stamps, ink and stick-on gems – at Hobbycraft, and it cost less than £10 to make 48 cards.  And they look charmingly home-made, of course…

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