‘Feminists’ and eyebrows

According to the Telegraph, ‘feminists’ are refusing to tame their eyebrows during the month of December: a facial hair fundraising movement to rival Movember.  They’ve renamed the month ‘Decembrow’.

Decembrow, inspired by the huge popularity of the unibrow in Tajikistan, is the female counterpart to Movember – a moustache-growing charity event held during November to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues, including prostate cancer.

Unsurprisingly, there have already been disparaging comments from anti-feminist groups, such as the religious group Concerned Women for America, whose CEO thinks it is “curious that feminists would choose to embrace facial hair”, before quipping: “How is that different than any other month of the year?” Well, considering how often the words “hairy” and “feminist” appear in the same sentence, we may as well live up to the stereotypes for a good cause.

I have disparaging comments to make about this, for two reasons:

  1. I really hate ungroomed eyebrows.  Seriously; a person’s eyebrows are one of the first things I notice about their face.  Tristan things that it’s hilarious, the degree to which I notice eyebrows.  He has perfect eyebrows, by the way – so perfect that I have long suspected him of indulging in illicit male grooming sessions.
  2. I hate this kind of use of the word ‘feminist’ with the burning power of one hundred suns.  I am a feminist.  You are a feminist.  Anybody who believes that women are entitled to the same rights and considerations as men is a feminist.  This means that most men I know are also feminists.  I get hugely frustrated by women who reject the term ‘feminist’ because of the political connotations of the word.  We should sort this out and de-politicise it as a word.  I’m firmly with Sars when it comes to the whole ‘feminist’ issue.  If you really want to learn more about my views on this kind of thing, visit the old version of this blog and look under the ‘stuff I believe’ tag: you’ll find a few rants (and rants about all sorts of things, now I look at it – I’m quite ranty when the mood takes me).

Movember is fantastic.  I have a couple of friends who take part nearly every year and delight me with their facial hair exploits.  When I’m Queen of the world, Movember participation will be complusory for all men.  I think that it works so well because it’s fun: men like growing silly moustaches and the rest of us like looking at them.  However, Decembrow sounds far too unfocused to be of any great value.  It’s so humourless.  And it’s assuming that all women are constantly battling a unibrow.  I don’t have a unibrow.  I’m such a bad feminist!

I do, however, like the idea of Frocktober, where women commit to wearing a different frock every day during October and raise money to fight ovarian cancer.  That’s the kind of fundraising that I could get behind.

8 Responses to ‘Feminists’ and eyebrows

  1. Nicola Wood says:

    I hang out with some pretty radically left wing types. The number of times it’s been passive-agressively suggested to me that I’m somehow a “bad feminist” because I spend ages on hair and makeup, or always wear a dress and high heels, is ironically sexist. I never see men’s beliefs beign defined by what they look like!

  2. Ana says:

    Wish I had enough dresses to participate in Frocktober! My wardrobe is sadly lacking…

    • exilednzer says:

      I think I could just about manage it – my wardrobe is quite frock-heavy and I keep things for many years – but I suspect that I’d be wearing wildly inappropriate frocks from the 20th onwards. I’d end up wearing ball dresses to work and make a name for myself as a Crazy Frock Lady.

  3. Franziska says:

    They must love me… seeing that I’m German I apparently don’t shave! (I do, though, I do!) 😉

  4. Vickie says:

    I agree, Jacq – Frocktober = fabulous. Decembrow = lazy poor grooming.

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