Me at seven

When we threw our children-themed department Christmas party last week, we got everybody in the mood by asking them to submit photos of themselves as kids and then sticking them all over the room. This was me, at my First Communion:

That nun was my teacher and her name was Sister Elizabeth (and still is, I suspect). And she was – and I’m sorry to be harsh here, but needs must – a bit of a dick. She was the kind of adult that, even as a young child, you look at and think, ‘man, you’re a geek’. I don’t remember getting on very well with me, and if memory serves me right I think that one of the reasons was her continued insistence that, because I wrote with my left hand, I was somehow likely to ‘disrupt’ the person sitting next to me – so I always had to sit at the end of a row of desks. What an idiot – she was one step away from strapping my left arm to my side and forcing me to write with my right hand, like it was still the olden days.

My abiding dislike of this woman is for another reason, though; she taught us a really dorky rhyme that, to this day, is burned in my brain. And because I’m such a compassionate and caring soul, I’m going to share it with you:

If you’ve got a job to do, do it now

If it’s one you wish was through, do it now

If you’re sure the job’s your own

Then tackle it alone

Don’t hem and haw and groan

Do it now!

Isn’t that exactly the kind of thing that you’d expect from a nerdy young nun? And what a load of nonsense! Who amongst us doesn’t embrace the dark art of procrastination and do our best to rope in other people to help us with the work that is, by rights, our own, huh? If that’s wrong, do you really want to be right?

4 Responses to Me at seven

  1. S@sha says:

    I think you’re getting back at her by posting this picture online. The expression on her face is hilarious. You on the other hand look adorable!

    • exilednzer says:

      Thank you! I think I look a bit like I’m planning a swift getaway. And given the silly expression on her face, I can only assume that she was composing another annoying rhyme while the photo was being taken.

  2. Franziska says:

    My mum was told to use her right hand to write because it was apparently unnatural to write with the left one!

    You look very sweet in this picture but I do wonder what went through the nun’s head at the time!

  3. Vickie says:

    I remember thinking what a geek she was too. She was also very easily duped, and as such I faked sickness regularly. I also remember a kid vomited all over their books so she put said books on my desk while she cleaned up said kid. Ewwww.

    Fabulous photo. You haven’t changed much. Still wearing a veil and knee high socks.

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