Cashing in

Kate Middleton’s parents are being accused of trying to ‘cash in’ on their daughter’s wedding.  The evidence?  Their decision to feature the following language on their company website:

A blog posted on their website, Party Pieces, claimed: “Every little girl dreams of being a princess … and there’s nothing a princess likes more than throwing a party.”

Miss Middleton, 28, works for the Party Pieces company, run by her parents Carole and Michael.

Ignore my furrowed brow at the idea of every little girl dreaming of becoming a princess.  Apparently, the website features many other uses of the ‘p’ word, but isn’t this a fairly – albeit regrettably – normal way to market to the parents of small girls these days?  And what are the Middletons supposed to do – pretend that their daughter and employee isn’t marrying the future heir to the throne?

What a non-story.  Good evidence of their grasping middle-class crassness though (if that’s the kind of thing one was hoping to find).

2 Responses to Cashing in

  1. Franziska says:

    Especially seeing that this message has been on their website for many years probably. I am sick to death about the British media trying to bring a young woman, who happened to fall in love with a British Royal into discredit. What is it with this country? And it’s not just with Kate Middleton. If someone does well, they British press goes out at length to find some dirt about this person. I don’t get it. And it really angers me when they justify their dirty work with “it’s in the interest of the public”. There are so many examples of stories that the News of the World broke where I thought, I did not need to or want to know that. It’s not in the interest of the public to know about these things. For example the whole Max Mosley story… I didn’t need to know about his sex live. What he does in private is his business but now EVERYONE knows about it. The press doesn’t think about the consequences for the people involved and that’s what angers me the most. A quick buck is all that matters to them. Disgusting. (Sorry for ranting!)

    • exilednzer says:

      I couldn’t agree more! And I love it when somebody writes a comment on my blog that I can identify with so completely – saves me from having to write it myself: I can just say a big ‘word’!

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