Invitations and wedding singers

Today’s dose of royal wedding madness comes from the Daily Mail – I swear, that website has an unrivalled ability to work a royal wedding angle into almost every story.  This time, we learn of how David Beckham might ask Prince William for an invitation. 

The footballer, born in Leytonstone, east London, but living in California, has formed a close friendship with William, who is president of the Football Association.

The LA Galaxy star said said: ’The engagement has come up in a few of the meetings, yes.

‘I grew up in a family that was passionate about the royal family and a royal wedding will be fantastic for the whole country.

‘I haven’t asked for an invitation yet, but maybe if we win the bid I will.’

The Daily Mail cracks me up – it’s so literal, like it was written by a young child.  The two men have spent a few days, jointly supporting the World Cup bid.  Apparently this means that they’ve developed a ‘close friendship’.  And the chances of Beckham being tongue-in-cheek when he made his ‘we might ask for an invitation’ comment doesn’t seem to occur to the paper.  Bless them.

My favourite part of this story is further on, though:

American rapper Snoop Dogg has offered his services as a royal wedding singer.

He says he’s dedicating his new single, Wet, to Prince William’s bachelor party.

The rapper is touting the track on his website and Twitter feed.

On Tuesday he tweeted the official royal account, clarencehouse, saying he’d ‘Made tha anthem 4 Prince William’s bachelor party n all bachelor parties round tha wrld.’

What a lovely gesture.  Let’s check out the lyrics, shall we?

Actually… let’s not.  I was going to quote them here, but I’ve just read them and it’s safe to say that they’re not rated G.  And my mother reads this blog sometimes.  I’m not easily shocked, but the lyrics of that song made me want to clutch my pearls*.

*not a euphemism.

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