Christmas party no. 1

Last night the firm held its annual drinks party for Community Affairs; an opportunity to bring together all of the charities and schools we support and give them lots of lovely mulled wine and canapes.  This year we also made our volunteers a big feature of the event and told them how wonderful we think they are. 

The event went well, despite a few last-minute drop-outs because of the snow.  It’s fairly difficult to fail to run a good event when you have the following factors in your favour:

  • The 1 December date, making this the official start of the Christmas Party Season and ensuring that your guests are yet to get fed up with Christmas functions;
  • Snowy scenes outside, making everybody more inclined to drink mulled wine;
  • Lovely mulled wine (seriously, it’s such good stuff when it’s made well);
  • Tasty festive canapes, including mince pies for those weirdos that actually like them;
  • Two children’s choirs to entertain the troops with Christmas carols – how hard would your heart have to be, in order to resist shiny-faced youngsters, tinsel wrapped around their heads, singing ‘Away in the Manger’?;
  • Fantastic guests from schools and charities, all of whom love the firm because it supports their work with money and volunteers;
  • Fantastic volunteers who put in so much effort to support our projects;
  • Lots of partners attending and telling everybody how wonderful they are;
  • Christmas trees in the main client reception, covered in fairy lights and looking fantastic; and
  • An amazing in-house events team, who run things so effortlessly and efficiently that it’s as if there is a group of magic fairies at work.

I got a special shout-out from our senior partner for all of my efforts, and a few guests came up and told me how they’d been raving about me to every partner that crossed their path.  So that’s nice!

I’ve got to say, though; hosting an event like this is a bit like being the bride at a big wedding (and one that your managers are attending – eek!)  I feel so responsible with regard to our external guests, so I spent a lot of the time checking that everybody had somebody nice to talk to, which can be hard work when it seems that everybody wants to talk to me and, in some cases, engage me in long and intense conversations about specific projects.  But it all went smoothly and it was great to catch up with some of my mates from various charities.

And then I trekked home and ate a cupcake and some jelly babies for dinner, while watching Masterchef Australia and The Apprentice on Sky Plus.

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