Wellington commuter chaos

Oh, how I laughed when I read this news story:

Wellington trains are running again following a 55-minute suspension due to a signals failure this afternoon.

Commuters were stranded during rush hour as all trains in and out of Wellington, except the Johnsonville line, were stopped at 4.35pm.

KiwiRail North Island passenger services manager David Knight said the suspension was due to a fault in the integrated signals and points control system.

“We … temporarily stopped train services into and out of Wellington station while we dealt with the issue.”

Due to the short notice and the number of people waiting to board trains, bus replacements had not been arranged, he said.

A Tranz Metro delay notification said the signal fault was now fixed, and services will be back to timetable about 6.30pm.

“We apologise to our passengers for the delay to the journey and will get them home as soon as we can,” Mr Knight said.

Commuters expressed their frustration on Twitter, with one calling Tranz Metro a “useless third world rail system” and another asking “who the hell did the work on the new lines?”.

Another commuter wrote: “TranzMetro that’s OK. Please accept my invoice for cost of alternative arrangements.”

A two-hour delay in public transport scarcely counts as ‘chaos’, surely?  Or am I just tainted by the ‘commuter chaos’ that I regularly deal with in London: repeated Tube strikes, over-crowded trains, that kind of thing? 

It reminds me of the way in which the British press will describe two inches of snow as a ‘blizzard’, prompting everybody living in Canada and North America to smirk.

Chill out, Wellingtonian commuters.  Go and have a beer or something.

2 Responses to Wellington commuter chaos

  1. Jackie D says:

    Yes, you’ve been in London too long! It’s amazing what we can become accustomed to putting up with. I’m afraid I could never withstand the everyday “Things aren’t working” acceptance necessary to live in the UK again.

    • exilednzer says:

      Heh! I don’t doubt that for a second. However, I’ve learned (the hard way, admittedly) that there’s no point in getting wound up by stuff like tube strikes – it doesn’t make the strike go away and it just makes me less happy!

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