The American

This is the film we watched on Friday night:


And this is somebody watching paint dry:


Spot the difference…

I’m exaggerating slightly; the film wasn’t all that bad.  It was just trying a bit too hard to be Drama.  I think that a good film needs to have one of two things: a fast-moving and entertaining plot, where lots of things happen (such as Pulp Fiction); or an engaging character that you just like watching and find interesting to observe, even if nothing really happens in the film (such as Poppy, in Happy-Go-Lucky).

The plot of  The American was not complicated, but nor was it particularly interesting.  And George Clooney was silent for most of the film, so the viewer was supposed to guess from his permanent scowl and his endless gazing into the middle distance that he was wrestling with internal demons, without knowing him well enough to recognise what it all meant.

On the positive side, Clooney gets his shirt off once or twice.  For an older gentleman he’s in fine shape.

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