Pike River Mine

Such tragic news coming out of New Zealand this morning.  The writing was probably on the wall for these miners when it was unsafe to send in rescuers soon after the first explosion, but for the families involved, it must be utterly tragic to realise that all hope is lost.  The youngest miner caught in the explosions was 17 years old, at work for his first day.  Bleak times for the South Island and for all of New Zealand.

2 Responses to Pike River Mine

  1. S@sha says:

    Very sad. Do they know what caused the explosions yet? Another reason to support solar and wind power– much less dangerous for the workers.

  2. Nicola Wood says:

    Can’t describe the sadness of when we were watching the TV at work and my boss came out of a meeting and asked whether there’d been any further developments. Then how his face fell when he realised the reporter was talking about a second explosion.

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