Why I love Wellington

The opportunity to spend a couple of days in Wellington reminded me that it’s my favourite city.

This is Civic Square, bordered by the library, an art gallery, a concert venue and something else that I can’t remember (but it’s where the university Law Ball is held – Nicola, what’s that building?).  I’ve always loved that cool piece of art, seemingly floating above the square.

This is Wellington Harbour, taken from near Frank Kitts Park, as I walked to St John’s Bar for a few beers in the sun.  The suburb you can see is Roseneath, which would be a fairly decent place to live.

This shot is looking back towards the central city.


And this is a photo of Guy Fawke’s Day fireworks over the harbour, later that evening.

3 Responses to Why I love Wellington

  1. Nicola Wood says:

    Are you thinking of the Town Hall?

    Law Ball has recently moved to Shed 11 right on the waterfront though, so nice! 😀

  2. russell says:

    Ahh We loved windy Wellington. Great memories. xx

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