The name ‘Kate’

I think that this is a good example of royal wedding-induced inanity: an article about the fact that a lot of people are called ‘Kate’, prompted, seemingly, by the fact that Kate Middleton is called ‘Kate’, as is the author of the article (an opportunist on a par with that NZ guy offering the Rugby World Cup as a honeymoon destination).  It ends:

I may not like the name that appears on my birth certificate, but perhaps without realising it, my parents gave me a name that would never be a burden, a name that would always make a good impression.

Yet, just when Kate was on the verge of graduating from a mere nickname to one which might appear on birth certificates, it seems the ultimate validation will be denied.

When Miss Middleton assumes the throne in future years we’re told she will become Queen Catherine.

But despite this setback, she has proved that Kate is the name that can land you a prince.

*bangs head on desk*

I’m married.  Tomorrow, I’m going to write to the BBC and suggest that this should be fruitful source material for me to write a hard-hitting article about marriage.  I might do it in that twee ‘Dear Kate and William’ style that many, many journalists are favouring, as if the happy couple are scouring the nation’s press for advice.

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