A good haircut

In my opinion there are few personal maintenance opportunities that can gladden the heart more comprehensively than a good haircut.  My hair was totally out of control – I had let the short style of earlier in the year grow out and it had gone from ‘just a bit longer’ to ‘terrifyingly shapeless’ overnight (or so it seemed; actually, it’s been terrible for a while and I haven’t had time to get it sorted out).  I’ve decided to go back to a longer style.  I like having it short and it’s super-quick to wash, but it requires more styling time than I’m prepared to set aside every day.  I’m very lazy when it comes to these things.

Anyway, it needed attention and my former hairdresser had moved back to Australia like a selfish sod, so I was forced to look for a new person (hence the long delay in getting it trimmed).  Finally, somebody at work had a haircut that I really liked.  I followed their lead and booked an appointment at the Broadgate Circus branch of Charles Worthington.

My hair was cut by Joanne, the manager, a chirpy little Irish woman.  She has done a great job and I’ve got to say that the whole experience was one of the best hairdresser moments I can remember, probably ever.  I arrived early, they offered me a drink, I asked for tea and they brought me a tray with a dinky teapot and all the accessories, as well as a plate of delicious chocolate brownies.  The consultation with Joanne was really useful and covered everything from my face shape and ‘colour family’ (i.e., am I ‘cool’ or ‘warm’ – I’m cool, in case you’re taking notes) to my preferred techniques for styling and my philosophy regarding colouring my greys.  I discussed my whole ‘I don’t know whether or not to keep up with the colour’ dilemma and Joanne has suggested that a quarter-head of highlights could help them to blend in, while avoiding the whole ‘dyeing the entire head of hair and dealing with regrowth’ situation that I’m keen to avoid.  After a quick discussion about my face shape and preferred parting position I was whisked away for a shampoo and a very good head massage.

The actual hair cut was pretty quick and we passed the time by talking about our respective dogs and their personality quirks.  Joanne was a really sweet girl, so it was quite a shock to hear her reprimand one of the juniors just after finishing with my hair – she was very professional about it, but it was a serious ‘you know that you need to sweep up that hair over there and I don’t want to have to tell you again, so get cracking’ conversation and the junior wisely did as she was told.

Anyway, the haircut was cheaper than my previous guy charged me, I was given a couple of decent free samples of products (proper travel-sized samples, not silly little sachets), I was given some discount vouchers for spa treatments and colour services, I was patch-tested for colouring, so I can make a booking for the highlights if I want and nobody tried to sell me any of the products used on me today.  Brilliant!  And they got me organised and booked my next trim, helping to prevent me from getting to such an unkempt stage again.

And my hair looks good: Joanne trimmed the longer layers and took the ends off the shorter ones, making everything tidy again.  Hurrah.

3 Responses to A good haircut

  1. Anthea says:

    I demand photographs.Please.

  2. Catriona says:

    yeah photo please – I have serious hair envy now that mine’s growing back! I also have 5 o’clock shadow along my brows (it even follows the arches!) so I think something is imminent there!

  3. Franziska says:

    We can’t really comment unless we’ve seen a picture! 😉

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