A break from austerity

I’ve been meaning to update you all about my September goals (and, in particular, those which related to austerity) for the past week, but things have been quite busy. 

I did really well with the no spending days/breakfast at home/packed lunch plan in the first half of the month, but it all fell apart in the second half of the month.  I realised that things like packed lunch preparation are possible only if you’re organised enough to buy good food and prepare it: I have been too busy rushing around to be organised (and yes, I know that being more organised would probably help me to be less busy – it’s an eternal conundrum, party people).

I lost track of how many no spending days were racked up: not many, given that I was buying lunch every day towards the end of the month.  Oh well.

In a real ‘bugger austerity for a while’ move, I’ve bought a few things recently.  I picked up the new Nigella cook book last week (and who knows?  Maybe I’ll actually cook from it and not just read it like a novel and then put it on the shelf and never open it again).  I also bought some new el-cheapo moisturiser yesterday.  And as I type this I’m reminded that I need to visit the Bobbi Brown website and buy more foundation.

On Tuesday I visited Phase Eight while walking back from the office and came out with two new dresses, both irresistible with their shiny ‘sale’ tags on them.  And then during the weekend I bought two more dresses, both from Laura Ashley: one to wear to a wedding this weekend and the other because it was cute.  I would post some photos, but I’m updating from work and it seems that our outdated version of Browser is affecting the functionality of wordpress.  I’ll see what I can manage when I get home this evening.

And I bought some skinny jeans last week as well.  But enough is enough!  I shall rein in my spending once again.

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