Knit your own dog

I wish I was a more accomplished knitter: I want to make this Jack Russell.  I think I could manage the actual knitting, but the making-up would be the death of me.

The pattern is from this book and I’m not going to buy it because it will just end up being added to the pile of craft books describing things that I’m not quite clever enough to make.

4 Responses to Knit your own dog

  1. Franziska says:

    OH MY GOD! How cute is he? It’s Eddie! (from Frasier). I wish I could knit, but I can’t.

    • exilednzer says:

      I know! So cute. And I love Jack Russells and will never be able to own one (they’re such cool dogs, but they are very barky and it would drive me mental to have a noisy dog). I’m very tempted to give this little woolly dog a go…

  2. Pauline Nidd says:

    I can sew up really well!

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