Freddo just left a comment in my last post, asking why I hadn’t addressed this hilarious live TV blunder from Australia’s Next Top Model.  Poor Sarah Murdoch!  You can see the precise moment that she realises what she’s done: 39 seconds in she gets the most brilliant ‘oh SH*T’ expression on her face.

Given how horrendous that situation was, I think that the three people on stage handled it incredibly gracefully.  (We’re not actually up to this series yet in the UK, but watching it when it is eventually televised here will take on a whole new dimension, knowing how it ended).

Another excellent blunder yesterday involved Harriet Harman and David Miliband at the Labour conference.  For those of you lucky enough to avoid being subjected to UK political news, David Miliband lost the Labour leadership race over the weekend: the victor was his younger brother, Ed.  David was the front-runner for much of the race, but Ed won the support of the unions and that tipped the balance.

It would appear that David is not in a Good Mood as a result and isn’t afraid to spread some cheer, as this clip shows: he call out Harman for clapping Ed’s ‘the Iraq war was wrong’ comment by asking her what she’s doing, given that she voted in favour of the war at the time.  If you don’t want to sit through the entire 4+ minute clip you can whiz through to the 3m30s mark to see it. 

The clip is a good account of Ed’s first speech as leader, though.  Although I know absolutely nothing about the guy (it’s fair to say that I’ve paid no attention to the leadership race, beyond hoping that the loathsome Ed Balls would fail), he seems fairly sound if this coverage is anything to go by.  Towards the end of the Blair/Brown era it seemed that the Labour government were Tories in all but name, so centralist in the policies that there was nowhere for left wingers to turn (hence people voting Lib Dem, I think).  Ed seems keen to reclaim the left-of-centre ground and I think it will make him popular with more traditional Labour voters.  He’s also keen to ensure that the unions don’t mistake his support of them for tacit approval of whatever hare-brained wildcat strike action they might plan in response to Government cuts in the public sector, and thank goodness for that.  At some point soon I’ll tell you exactly what I think of the strike supporters, with particular focus on the total and utter dickhead who is Bob Crow, the head of the transport workers’ union.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!  Check out this excellent collection of photos of David Miliband looking like a loon, courtesy of the website Enemies of Reason (and discovered by me because of a link posted on Facebook by the lovely Anthea).

3 Responses to Blunders

  1. Freddo says:

    But wait, are we sure that it was Murdoch’s fault? Are we saying that she heard one name in her ear and another name came out of her mouth?
    I demand a full public enquiry so that we can all draw a line under it and move on.
    An enquiry which must perforce publish the contact details of the runner up because I thought she coped with it brilliantly.

    • exilednzer says:

      The rumours around the camp fire are that she was fed the wrong name through her ear piece, because is was *so* close and confusion abounded.

      I’m with you on this, though: a full public enquiry is the least that they can do in order to address this growing public scandal. And given that the human rights of the winner/loser girl were crushed in that brief moment, I would argue that the UN should investigate. At the very least.

  2. Freddo says:

    Thanks. I am so relieved that SOMEONE shares my wider concerns.

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