Illiteracy: 22 September

A depressing sight in Islington this evening: a restaurant with an inexplicably mis-spelt name and an inability to use apostrophes correctly in its promotional signs.

4 Responses to Illiteracy: 22 September

  1. Franziska says:

    Grrrr, one of my pet peeves!

  2. Nicola Wood says:

    It’s even more annoying when every supermarket in NZ has a sign saying “10 items or less” in the express lane, when it should be “10 items or fewer”.

    • exilednzer says:

      ARRGHHHH! With one exception, the UK supermarkets do that as well, Nicola, and it drives me mental. In fact, when people get ‘less’ and ‘fewer’ confused as concepts I’m hard-pressed the resist the urge to make a bit of a Joey face at them.

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