Progress: 20 September

Well, I’ve fallen off the ‘eat breakfast at home and bring lunch to work’ bandwagon: I didn’t have any breakfast and I bought lunch – leek and potato soup and jelly and custard (I really love jelly and custard). 

I did a lot of what I wanted to do this weekend: or, a lot of what I wanted to happen, happened.  I didn’t have any afternoon naps, but I had good sleep on both Friday night and Saturday night (and Tristan and I slept until nearly 10am on Saturday morning, which is almost unheard-of).  I ate some sweets and they were good and sugary.  We didn’t make it to the cinema because there wasn’t anything we wanted to see.  I did a lot of work on Charlie’s embroidery and it’s coming along very nicely.  I did pretty much no reading and absolutely no writing.  I walked Tui on both Saturday and Sunday.  I hung out with Tristan on Friday night and all day on Saturday, but he was in Wales, working, all day on Sunday.

I used the magic Colour B4 stuff and it did sort out my hair colour a bit: I think I’m back to my natural colour again.  The reddish tinge from Saturday seems to have calmed down a bit (either that or I’ve got used to it already and don’t notice it anymore).  I cleaned the bath and the loo, but Tristan did most of the housework because he’s awesome.  I made pasta for dinner last night, but didn’t do any other cooking.  I didn’t post my nieces’ birthday presents because I couldn’t be bothered heading downtown and standing in a queue for eons (sorry, nieces).  I had a splendid and long-overdue chat with Anna and really wish that I could live down the road from her and see her all the time, because doing so would undoubtedly enhance my life quite substantially.  I had a nice chat with my mother and even caught up with my father.

I didn’t make it into the loft for warmer clothes, but I may have to do so at some stage this week.  I think I spent money on both days.

I am taking this Friday off and Tristan’s proposed that we should go away for the weekend; but only if I promise to leave my Blackberry at home and relax.  It sounds like a good deal to me.  We’ve found a fantastic hotel in Norfolk and we’ll even be able to take Tui with us, which should be great fun.

And really, this recap is pretty much all I can tell you at the moment.

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