I used that stuff to strip the artificial colour from my hair today and it turns out that Narly’s prediction (in the comments of one of my posts a week ago) was dead right: I’m blessed with a tinge of ginge.

This isn’t actually news to me: there’s a strong ranga history in my family, with my grandmother and three of my nieces touched by the red hair fairy. Looking at photos that pre-date my dyeing habit (so, photos from earlier than 2000), my hair was very light brown with a vast amount of auburn.

Anyway, now it’s mostly reddish, but a bit darker at the (undyed) roots. I like the colour, although I’m in desperate need a hair cut and the Aussie who has cut it for me recently has had the bare-faced cheek to move back to Adelaide, damn him.

I don’t know whether or not I’m going to recolour it. I have so many grey hairs, but I’m still deciding whether or not I care. Maybe they’ll give me gravitas?

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