Progress: 17 September

First things first: don’t worry about me.  I’m fine and yesterday was just a bit of a bad day.  Today is much better.  I still have shedloads of work to tackle, but I’m not feeling as freaked out about it today.  And that’s quite remarkable when you consider that a certain Wonder Husband of my acquaintance accidentally woke me up before 5am today and I didn’t manage to get back to sleep…

Anyway, progress:

Breakfast at home: I was nine for nine on the 13th.  Now I’m 11 for 13: on Tuesday I had breakfast at a meeting and today I bought porridge at work.  I needed that porridge very badly.

Packed lunch: again, I’m now 11 for 13: on Tuesday I had lunch at an event (Tuesday was a busy day) and on Wednesday I had to be sociable and buy lunch in the restaurant because it was Emma’s first day.  And I’m going to have to buy lunch again today because I simply couldn’t be bothered foraging in the kitchen this morning.

No-spending days:  On the 13th I was up to six no spending days this month.  As of today I’ve managed eight.  My target for the entire month was for three no spending days each week: 12 in total for September.  I should be able to manage it, I think.

Weekend plans:

  • Lots of sleep, including one or two afternoon naps
  • Some quality sweet eating
  • Possibly a film
  • More work on Charlie’s embroidery (it’s so cute!)
  • Reading and – possibly – some writing
  • Walks with Tui and lots of hanging out with Tristan
  • Using that magic Colour B4 stuff to see if I can sort out my current hair colour issues
  • Cleaning the house
  • A bit of cooking, probably
  • Posting birthday presents to two nieces
  • Hopefully a chat with Anna
  • Hopefully a chat with my mother
  • An expedition into the loft to retrieve some warmer clothes (boo)

And that’s it!

2 Responses to Progress: 17 September

  1. ana says:

    Let’s make a plan for you lovely people to come to Barnes one weekend soon. Milo for one was very keen on the idea (he did caveat it with the proviso that Tui the wonder dog accompanies you!). x

    • exilednzer says:

      Fabulous! Just let us know when you’re free. We’ve got plans for two or three weekends in the coming months, but we’re mostly around, so it would be fab to see you again!

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