Colouring my hair

OK, guys: I need your advice about my hair.

I found my first grey hairs when I had just turned 24 and shortly after our wedding (make of that what you will).  For a while I ignored them, but in recent years I’ve used semi-permanent colour to hide them.  However, the colour has progressively got darker and darker.  While that’s fine, I’ve realised that I really prefer my natural hair colour: a reasonably light brown with more than a tinge of auburn to it.

I haven’t coloured my hair recently and I’ve been trying to strip out some of the built-up colour (regardless of what hair people might claim, I find that semi-permanent colours do not fade from my hair and that the only reason I need to keep colouring it is because of regrowth).  I’ve been using a clarifying shampoo to fade the colour and also a bit of Head and Shoulders (which is very good for these purposes, apparently).  But I have a lot of regrowth and a lot of greys, which I want to cover.

My question is this: if I colour my hair with a really light golden brown shade – far lighter than my natural hair colour – am I right in thinking that the greys will be the only hairs to pick up the colour?  I’m thinking that this must be the case, particularly if I use a brand with no ammonia that won’t affect the rest of my colour.

One hour later:  OOH!  I’ve just discovered this (apparent) wonder product, so I’m going to try it and see what happens.  But I’m still curious about my ‘use a light colour and just cover the greys’ idea, so do let me know if you have any comments.

4 Responses to Colouring my hair

  1. S@sha says:

    My hair is naturally dark brown and I have a lot of grey in it these days so I definitely dye it. I use permanent color, but with that a lighter shade applies color to all hair, not just the greys. For me it makes my hair a lot redder. It’s possible that a semi-permanent color would just dye the greys, but I’m skeptical.

  2. Narly says:

    One word: Fantapants.

    GO RED!

  3. Franziska says:

    Nothing beats going to the hairdresser when it comes to colouring your hair. BUT, seeing that it costs an arm and a leg in this overpriced country, do it at home 😉 I use Casting Crème Gloss as it has no ammonia and it covers the grey hair quite nicely.

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