Progress: 7 September

Guys, this whole ‘eat breakfast at home and bring a packed lunch’ goal is too easy!  Another day down: I’m five for five so far.  And today was another no spending day – I’ve managed four of these so far this month (1st, 3rd, 5th and today).  It’s all good.

I’m finding that I need to be a little more organised in the morning if I want to both eat breakfast and make lunch.  I could make lunch the night before and have it all ready to go, but I seem to struggle to do anything constructive in the evenings these days.  I get home, I get changed out of my ‘school’ clothes, I wash my face, I take out my contact lenses.  And then I flake out for the rest of the evening.  And that’s exactly what I’ve got lined up for tonight!

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