Australian Masterchef

High excitement in our household (not really: Tristan couldn’t give a toss) – the second series of Australian Masterchef starts on satellite channel Watch tonight!  If you didn’t catch the first series I urge you to set your Sky Plus to ‘stun’ and get ready for this: it’s awesome.  It’s as though they’ve taken all the best bits of every reality TV show and combined them – the first series included:

  • all of the contestants living in the same house for months on end and the inevitable stresses and factions that develop
  • team challenges, often involving doing something ridiculous like catering a wedding with a day’s notice
  • team eliminations, with people saying things like, ‘Bruce, you know I love you, but you burned the pavlova, mate!’
  • individual challenges – totally bonkers ones that involve having to make a certain type of food with none of the crucial ingredients, for example
  • nice and helpful judges who can still make a wickedly snide comment if the mood gets to them
  • challenges against celebrity chefs
  • opportunities to win immunity from elimination, or to opt out of the competition for a few weeks and go and get work experience and just cruise back when it’s time for the finals
  • endless episodes: last time, it was on for six days every week, totally filling our Sky Plus box and ensuring that I had something to watch at any moment
  • genuinely nice and appealing contestants

That last point is the most important one: the contestants in the first series were such decent people that you really wanted them to do well.  And they made some fantastic food.  And some really disastrous food, which was very funny.

Seriously, kids: it’s BRILLIANT.  Don’t miss it.  The only negative thing is that it totally ruins British Masterchef, which seems horribly dull by comparison.

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