Women’s rugby champions

The New Zealand women’s rugby team (‘the Black Ferns’) beat England in the 2010 Women’s Rugby World Cup final this afternoon. It was a pretty good result, particularly given that the ref gave out three yellow cards to the Kiwis during the game (they’re given out to punish players for illegal play, sending the relevant player to sit out the game for ten minutes at time). At one stage two of our players were yellow carded at the same time, so the England players have only themselves to blame for failing to take advantage of the situation. It was the fourth World Cup championship victory for the Kiwi team. That’s an amazing effort.

As an aside, don’t you love the way in which so many of New Zealand’s national sports teams have names which feature something to do with black, white, silver or ferns ? It’s very funny. Here are some examples:

  • All Blacks – men’s rugby
  • Black Ferns – women’s rugby
  • Tall Blacks – men’s basketball
  • Tall Ferns – women’s basketball
  • Silver Ferns – women’s netball
  • Black Caps – men’s cricket
  • White Ferns – women’s cricket
  • All Whites – men’s football
  • Black Sticks – women’s hockey
  • Ice Blacks – men’s ice hockey
  • Black Sox – men’s softball
  • White Sox – women’s softball
  • Wheelblacks – men’s wheelchair rugby

Sadly, the badminton team’s plan to call themselves the Black Cocks never really caught on, despite nearly everybody finding it hilarious.

2 Responses to Women’s rugby champions

  1. ana says:

    We didn’t manage to catch the game but Russ was a bit peeved as the England captain is from Folkestone! He knows her fairly well as she used to play for his old club. Shame they didn’t perform on the day. x

    • exilednzer says:

      It was such a close game, even a couple of minutes before the final whistle. I’ve got to say that the English women looked far more athletic and skilled than their male counterparts at present…!

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