Russell Gordon Barnes

Hey, my mate Russell left a comment on one of yesterday’s posts and alerted me to the fact that he has a blog of his own, the scallywag!  I’ve been snatching a few minutes to read some of it, in between eating lunch at my desk and writing work-related emails.  It’s all about food, so it’s recommended reading for the piglets amongst us. *raises a trotter*

I mentioned Russell and his lovely wife Ana a while ago, when they came to visit us for lunch and broke the long Russell-and-Ana-related drought in our lives.  Our background with these two is a bit random, like so many good things: Russell and I worked at the same TV company ten or eleven years ago, although we didn’t really know each other.  After Tristan and I got married in 1999 we bought a flat and I advertised our rented flat on the noticeboard at work, to help out our nice landlord.  Russell and Ana moved in and we would see them at the bus stop every now and then (we bought a flat 100m down the road, which made for a nice moving day), but again, we still didn’t really know them.

Then, totally unexpectedly, when we were living in Wellington for the first half of 2004 we ran into Russell and Ana in a supermarket one day!  They had come over for a year.  This time, we did actually get to know them and discovered that they were thoroughly good eggs.  And then we headed back to the UK fairly unexpectedly and the two of them spent the rest of the year hanging out with our Wellington friends.  If memory serves me right, I think they also took over the lease of our Wellington flat.

Anyway, we went to their lovely wedding on the Isle of Wight a few years back (and it was one of the best weddings I’ve attended: really simple, but just fab in every way)… and then we didn’t see them again for agggges.  So long, in fact, that when we caught up again recently we met their nearly-three-year-old son Milo for the first time.  Shocking!  Thank goodness that Ana tracked me down on Facebook and got in touch, or else Milo could have been a strapping rugby playing university student before we saw them again.

Now that I’ve read about Russell’s cooking I’m determined to make it down to visit them in London very soon.  And this is despite the fact that Russell totally reneged on our loose arrangement to catch up for a drink while Ana and Milo were away on the Isle of Wight.  And it’s marvellous that he has a blog: I can stalk him and his family far more effectively, and when relevant I can link to his version of events and then mine, giving my lovely blog readers a rich new dimension to the mundane daily events of my life.  LUCKY! (And how embarrassing to realise that I was so understated about seeing them again, despite having enjoyed it so much.  I suck and it says a lot about the way in which I’ve been a rubbish blogger this year, although I think things are improving in the brave new world of wordpress).

Incidentally, does anybody know why it’s called ‘the Isle of Wight’ and not ‘Wight Island’?  It’s very Enid Blyton (not that this is a bad thing).

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