Progress: 2 September

I’m two for two on the whole ‘eat breakfast at home and bring lunch to work’ thing!  And yesterday was my first no spending day.  Today is a spending day, though: I’ve bought a ‘happy maternity leave’ present for my favourite partner at the firm and I’m going out for a couple of drinks tonight.  Tomorrow should be easier (but lunch might be a bit tricky – not much lunch-friendly food in the fridge and no prospect of a trip to the supermarket tonight).

It’s this kind of exciting blog entry that will keep you logging in and reading, you know.

7 Responses to Progress: 2 September

  1. Franziska says:

    I spent loads today 😦
    A flight to Germany and new underwear at figleaves. Talk about abusing a credit card. Do I have an excuse for it? Well, I really need new underwear. And I’m going to surprise my sister on her birthday, she has no idea that I’m coming!

    • exilednzer says:

      I’m still on target for no spending today. I got around the whole ‘nothing for lunch today’ thing by popping in to M&S on the way home last night and buying bread rolls with which to make sandwiches. M&S keeps having ‘two for the prices of one’ deals on heaps of products, which makes it almost justifiable to buy food there! (They also have ‘two for one’ on chocolate chunk cookies, which are the best biscuits ever).

  2. Jackie D says:

    I’ve spent the past 34 days cooking all my meals myself (breakfast at home, packing lunch and dinner for work as I get home late and need to eat before 10PM). It’s been fantastic! I’ve got loads of great recipes that I batch cook at the weekend, and a freezer full of single-sized portions of things that I keep on hand so I can add some variety to my diet. A colleague asked me this week if he could pay me to make his lunch for him, after admiring my healthy meals over the past few weeks. (Not a chance!)

    • exilednzer says:

      JD, you are super organised! I think I need to make tomorrow a cooking day (and not just jam and fudge, either: they don’t really serve as a healthy lunch, sadly).

      • Jackie D says:

        By nature I’m not organized at ALL. I’ve had to force myself to be for this, because otherwise it’d be impossible to do (or just very tiring – the first week, before I’d sussed a good routine, I came home and cooked every night). I really enjoy the process now – looking at my plan, deciding what to have for each of the components (protein, starch/grain, cooked veg, raw veg, dairy, etc), buying those items, cooking…it’s fun! And yes, I’m a dork for being so excited to do such mundane things.

  3. S@sha says:

    I definitely think meal-planning is key when trying to bring a lunch everyday. I prefer to eat leftovers instead of sandwiches, so it means I need to make enough for dinner so that there is plenty left over. I did a two week detox diet a couple of years ago, and the constant grocery shopping and prep-work the night before or the morning of, was the hardest part. It was key though, because if I hadn’t had enough of my approved foods, I would have gotten so hungry that I would have cheated for sure. It was a test of willpower as well, since I had to go out to eat with my out of town boss and clients a few times during the span, and basically couldn’t order anything despite it being expensed!

    • exilednzer says:

      Sasha, I’m determined to do some strategic grocery shopping this weekend and get organised.

      Well done for being able to stick to your detox under those circumstances! Puddings would always be my downfall.

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