September goals

This month I’m taking a leaf out of the books of Frugal Trenches (who has a real name and didn’t have parents with a weird sense of humour, condemning her to the name ‘Frugal Trenches Williamson’ or anything) and setting a few achievable goals for the month. And I’m doing it here so I feel more inclined to stick to them. To be honest, I don’t tend to struggle for self-discipline, but hey! Feel free to nag me anyway and we can see if it makes any difference.

So, my goals are:

  1. Have at least three no-spending days each week (that’s each seven day week, not each working week): a total of at least 12 no-spending days. No-spending days are a Frugal Trenches concept and are, apparently, an excellent way to keep spending in check.
  2. Have breakfast at home and bring lunch to work every day this month. I’ve started as I mean to continue: this morning I had yummy Vogel’s Sunflower and Barley toast with Anchor butter at home and I’ve brought a decent lunch with me – two whole-seed rolls with delicious Wiltshire ham (best ham ever; hamtastic and porktacular), some cherry tomatoes, some celery sticks and some strawberries. This will also mean that today is a no-spending day, neatly killing two birds with one stone.
  3. Deny myself sweets (‘lollies’ for the Antipodeans, ‘candy’ for the North Americans) from Monday to Friday each week. This has worked well for me before as a method of keeping my raging sugar addiction in check, so I’m going to try it again. It makes for an awesome visit to the sweet shop on Saturday morning, let me tell you.
  4. Start researching the professional life I want to lead when my exile is over and we move to New Zealand. Now, this isn’t on the cards for at least another two and a half years, but I think it might do me good to feel like I’m working towards something (particularly as the weather starts to get wintry in the UK and I am forced to question the wisdom of living in a place where it’s dark nearly all of the time). My plan is to: begin investigating the corporate social responsibility strategies and activities of NZ’s biggest firms and companies; find out more about the way in which charities operate in NZ and which are the big players in the charity world down there; and figure out a way to learn Maori while living in the UK (Maori culture is hugely dominant in NZ, so I don’t think I will get far with any type of CSR/community/charity career if I don’t have a good grasp of it). Obviously, I’m not going to achieve all of that in one month, but I will make a start.

Feel free to write a comment and tell me if you’re the type of person to set yourself goals (or if you think the whole idea is bonkers). You can even share your goals and I will promise to encourage you. I won’t nag you, I promise…

2 Responses to September goals

  1. russell says:

    I tend to take left overs for lunch the next day, which means I can have a lovely coffee from Sacred at the end of the week – but only from the Kingly Street branch mind…

    • exilednzer says:

      Russell! How splendid to hear from you! And I’m very excited to see that you have a blog: I will read it all tomorrow.

      At the firm we have firm rules about not eating hot food anywhere but the staff restaurant, to avoid the curse of food smells in the offices. I hate most food smells, so I’m all in favour of this rule, but it does restrict my leftover-eating abilities (because I usually can’t be bothered going down to the restaurant and using a microwave). So Tristan eats the leftovers at home instead.

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