In Cambridge

Last night I decided to accompany Tristan to Cambridge for the afternoon: he had been asked to give a couple of work-related lectures and my alternative plan involved little more than catching up on some of the many episodes of Have I Got News For You stored in our Sky Plus box.

I’m so glad that I came: I love Cambridge and if we were to sell our current house this is where I’d want to buy. As we drove through town earlier I told Tristan that, should our move to New Zealand fall through in two or three years’ time, we will just have to settle here instead.

I’ve spent the last three hours stocking up on beauty products – nothing unnecessary: all like-for-like replacements. I went to John Lewis and bought Bobbi Brown foundation and Lancome concealer and eye makeup remover. I also bought a facial scrub and some oil-free moisturiser from the own brand tea tree oil range at Boots: a bargain two products for £5.

No other shopping for me – such self control! – but I did buy a little belated birthday present for my older sister. But I ordered her to start reading my blog only yesterday, so I’ll say no more on the subject for fear of ruining the surprise.

I did make good use of being in a civilised place by landing an instant appointment to have my unruly eyebrows shaped at the Clarins spa in John Lewis. Decent eyebrows make my face look so much better that it’s almost a miracle.

Now I’m at Browns, sipping a Bellini and just about to tuck into a salad of poached duck egg and asparagus. When I’m finished I will stay here for a while, working on my book and contemplating the prospect of a roasted nectarine with armaretti crumbs and raspberry sorbet. Today, I’m enjoying my own company very much.

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