Wearing camel

That’s camel the colour: I’m not advocating the wearing of actual camels.

I’m all in favour of this particular 2010/11 trend – I like the honeyed tones of camel-coloured clothes.  I have a lovely camel cashmere French Connection skirt that I bought nine years ago and still wear every winter: it’s long (mid-calf length) and a lean cut which seems to be perennially flattering.  The only downside of this skirt is that its narrow cut means that it hobbles the wearer slightly, which is frustrating for the fast walkers among us (me, in other words).  But I love that skirt and it’s very warm to wear in the bleak mid-winter.

A couple of years ago I bought a very useful camel-coloured cashmere cardigan from Marks and Spencer.  It needs to be de-pilled though, if that’s the word (you know: it’s got little balls on it that need to be shaved off).  M&S do nice cashmere cardigans and jumpers.  And regular readers will remember being bored rigid last year when I was deciding whether or not to buy a certain pair of nude-coloured shoes: I haven’t worn them with my camel skirt, but I think they’ll go well.

Long story short: I like this camel trend and I already have all the necessary items in my wardrobe.  An excellent austerity project-friendly result!

7 Responses to Wearing camel

  1. raker says:

    Ooh, I bought this camel coat in the sale in the spring, and had to have it altered so that it fit someone of the lofty 5’0 height who bought it, as opposed to the medical giant of 5’6+ it was beautifully designed for – and only managed to wear it once to Tommy’s baptism on Holy Saturday.

    I am very much looking forward to clambering into it this coming autumn. It’s the most grown-up coat I think I’ve ever owned (and is just crying out for a lovely new handbag to go with it. As opposed to the giantest nappy bag in the world that has to come with me everywhere at the moment…)

  2. S@sha says:

    Me too. I’m a big fan of camel. I’m also a fan of olive green, another trend this season.

    • exilednzer says:

      Ooh – me too! I’ve got a great olive green pencil wool pencil skirt that must be at least ten years’ old now; it still gets dragged out and worn to death every winter. I really like that both camel and olive can look good with black or brown footwear and accessories.

  3. Nicola Wood says:

    I love camel. And gold. And cream. And lace.

    I’m possibly a little too obsessed, actually.

    • exilednzer says:

      I love gold on other people, but I’m a bit too pink and white to suit yellow gold so – aside from one necklace (with an old cross on it which belonged to my grandmother and her twin sister before her) – I stick to white gold.

      You mentioning lace has reminded me of a great lace top I’ve got (and haven’t worn for eons). It’s taupe-coloured and it came to me as a cast-off from a friend; it’s by an NZ designer, I think. I’ll have to hunt it out and find an excuse to wear it.

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