Posh jokes

I really enjoy reading the Guardian and this comment piece helps to illustrate why.  A witty defence of the need for freedom to make jokes about things.

“It is true that cruel jokes about posh people have increased since the election. Our new leaders are pilloried as one-note toffs. This is unfair. Between them, David Cameron and George Osborne represent a wide cross-section of the Bullingdon Club membership.

Plus, of course, they have Nick Clegg for balance. Nick Clegg isn’t posh. He is probably the least posh son of a bank chairman ever to be captain of a tennis team at Cambridge. And he’s the MP for Sheffield. He cares passionately about the people of Sheffield and the problems Sheffield faces; whatever the future holds for Sheffield, Nick Clegg will never forget where he comes from. (Chalfont St Giles in Buckinghamshire.)”

Very droll.

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