On Saturday

Last week Sasha did a cool blog entry which showed what she’d been up to all day, so I had intended to copy her in a slavish manner and show you what I did yesterday.  However, I can’t find the cord with which to upload photos from my camera and my laptop is a bit old and tiresome and won’t read the memory card.

I did take two photos on my phone, so here’s the lovely weather yesterday (a wonderful treat after a week of rain):

And here was my partner in crime for the day:

We had a lazy day filled with rugby watching, a long phone call home, a nice walk in the sun, some macaroni cheese and some TV.  And some laundry.  Tui spent most of her time sleeping, eating cocktail sausages and chasing rabbits.  She has a superb rabbit-stalking technique which involves charging along through a ditch and then bursting up the banks, hoping to catch the rabbits unawares.  Unfortunately, she’s not too sharp at chasing them once she’s flushed them out: she’s very fast, but she has a bad habit of automatically running in the wrong direction for the crucial first few seconds, by which time the rabbit has legged it.

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