New home

Here I am!  I’ve moved from my old blog site because wordpress blogs are nicer to read on iPhones.  And because I was sick of hassles related to posting photos at  Sorry,

The old version of the blog will stay alive, like something sung by the Bee Gees.

2 Responses to New home

  1. S@sha says:

    Hey Jacq,

    I’m updating my blog reader link right now. Thanks for your well wishes regarding the loss of my dog. It was just so sudden that it made it extra hard. Also, being an adult with no kids, my dogs probably (definitely) occupy a bit more importance in my life than if I had a family. I’ll miss him.

    Anyway, I’ve thought about leaving blogger too. My frustration has been that their search feature doesn’t work, at all. Which annoys me. How hard can that be to code?

    Hope you are enjoying your long movie-filled weekend.

    • exilednzer says:

      Come and play at wordpress! It’s quite good fun (although I’m a bit thick and it’s taken me AGES to figure some of it out).

      I have been thinking about you all day. I can just about make myself cry on the spot if I imagine anything happening to Tui. Dogs are just fab and anybody unable to understand how terrible it would be to lose one is a weirdo, I reckon!

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